20 Well Designed WordPress-Powered Blogs

Are you planning to start a blog? One of the first things you start to think about when you start a blog is to figure out how your blog is going to look. You need to think about the color scheme, navigation, layout and widgets. The best way to get inspiration for your blog is to look at real life examples of well-designed WordPress powered blogs. Here are 20 WordPress blogs you can get ideas from.

1. WPBeginner

Sometimes a great looking blog is a simple one. WPBeginner makes a strong case for a straightforward blog that’s centered on great content. What makes WPBeginner work is that it uses a ton of white space. The white space really makes it easy on your eyes and creates room for the actual content.

2. ConsumerCrafts

Does your blog target a specific niche audience? If so, you want to make sure that the color scheme and mood matches the topic. Consumer Crafts has a blog called Crafts Unleashed that just oozes its theme topic. Everything from the header, color scheme, font and content categories exemplifies a great crafting tutorial site.

3. Naturally Ella

Naturally Ella is a beautiful vegetarian food blog that organizes its content by visuals. Large images of the vegetarian dishes link to individual blog posts and these images are organized by how the reader would look for a recipe. It features beautiful photography that makes your mouth water.

4. Designer Trapped

This home design and DIY blog features beautiful photography and image heavy tutorials that are engaging to readers. This blog really delivers on content by going above and beyond what readers are normally used to. There’s a lot to be learned from studying this blog, especially on how it is monetized via affiliate offers.

5. Pretty Handy Girl

This is another great looking DIY blog. The content is put into specific categories and the latest post from each category is shown on the main page to present various types of content to readers. The small accents and custom font really gives this blog a signature look and brings everything together.

6. Neil Patel

If you want to create a blog that generates leads and helps you build an audience, Neil Patel’s is the one to pay attention to. It looks like a professional business blog but focuses on attention grabbing headlines instead of fancy visuals. What’s more, each post is given an ample amount of space to stand out and get read.

7. Typographica

Typographica is a blog site that reviews typography and typography books. What you want to pay attention is how the posts are laid out. The images are set on the left with the content on the right. Users can compare the review, facts and images side by side.

8. Creative Ad Awards

This is a blog based on creative ads. If your blog is going to be visually oriented, you may want to look at how the content is organized and laid out on this site.


Thinking about going with a newspaper-like format? GOOD is a news blog you want to study to develop your layout. It does a great job in highlighting important stories and organizing the large number of posts.

10. UGS Mag

Who said you had to follow the standard blog format? UGS Mag is a music blog that uses a retro design in its backdrop and a card-based layout to showcase their content.

11. Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is an eCommerce platform site. This WordPress-based site on is beautifully organized and has a front page that anybody selling a product online should model. It uses a strong message, presents a clear navigation path while utilizing ingenious font and spacing.

12. Cubicle Ninjas

The biggest feature of the blog is the moving hero image that transitions into the actual blog as you scroll down. It’s beautifully done and is the perfect example of what’s possible if you use a little creativity.

13. On The Luce

This picturesque travel blog starts off with large image navigation link that links to the most popular categories. It uses beautiful photography, embeds Instagram posts as one of the widgets, and makes it easy for you to browse and find the content you’re looking for.

14. Iowa Girl Eats

This is another great looking food blog that excels in multiple things. It’s designed on a specific theme, has a great structural layout for easy navigation, and uses categories effectively to help readers find what they’re looking for.

15. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is a name many people should be familiar with. It’s a popular tech news and blog site that’s always on the cutting edge of what’s happening in today’s tech world. Tech Crunch is another news site theme that does a great job in organizing and presenting different types of content whether it’s their online videos, shows, events, to developing stories.

16. La Tartine Gourmande

If Pinterest was a food blog, then this would be it. La Tartine Gourmande uses card-based design and beautiful blog post panels that light up when you mouse over them. It uses an obscene amount of white space but that’s okay because the content is rich with photography.

17. Slash Gear

Slash Gear is a go-to site for geeks and tech lovers. The site has a very clean design yet maintains a sleek look that matches the site’s theme. The content is tagged for readers and the blog does a great job in circulating links to other content on the sidebars.

18. Style Cusp

Style Cusp is a fashion blog that has a clearly established theme of trendy and chic. What makes this blog so creative is that the outfits that are worn by the models are laid out in each post and can be browsed carousel style. Each piece of the outfit links to the store where it can be purchased. It adds a ton of value to the reader while monetizing the blog effectively.

19. Adventures of DR

This is another example of a blog that uses a simple design but delivers in the form of beautiful content. This travel blog uses top of the line photography with beautiful stories and commentaries that bring you out of your world and immerse you into the blogger’s.

20. TED Blog

Even the biggest organizations are using WordPress to power their blogs. TED (known for their TED Talks) uses a clean blog layout. What makes this blog shine are the tabs that allow you to browse different types of content without loading a new page.

These websites will serve as a good source source of inspiration for your own WordPress blog. The best way to go about coming up with a design concept is to look for blogs for your topic. Because WordPress is flexible, you’ll be able to adapt the concept even on a non-WordPress platform. You’ll also be able to find a theme for various topics due to the large WordPress community.